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A colour shot on my shiney new Canon 6D

I'm lovin' it, lovin it, lovin' it!

My first observation is that the light sensor of the Canon 6D produces photographs that are outstandingly brilliant, in the true sense of the word. They are so bright and the camera handles the most dubious of lighting conditions with superb aplomb, that it has left me in awe of the results.

The other morning I was walking to work through Spitalfields Market (a beautiful under-cover old Victorian structure, in the East End of London), when I noticed a white walled, pop-up gallery where the stalls would normally reside.

In the middle stood a girl with her back to me, and I took a couple of shots in colour, which in itself is pretty unsusal for me, but she slowly turned and looked over her shoulder, and that is when I thought "Eureka".

And upon downloading the image it's fair to say that I was pretty plesaed with the result, so much so that I returned to the space at lunch-time with a printed A3 copy in colour. I showed it to her and she seemed pretty shy/stunned, and her friend was more curious and interested in asking who and why. So I just rolled it up, placed it into a cardboard tube, thanked her and bade her fairwell.

I didn't leave my name, number or URL, just the image - and I'm still not sure why I did it, but feel strangely happy that I did.

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