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It is fantastic to see in today's Telegraph that a former colleague Cat Garcia has a 4 page spread in the weekend magazine, which profiles her amazing book featuring Sir Peter Blake, Paul Smith, Gavin Turk, Alex Noble, Fergus Henderson and more.

The Book

Our Time documents the working lives of Britain’s most creative talents to produce this series of quietly revelatory images. Featuring some of the most pioneering creative minds in Britain today, the book combines black-and-white and colour portraits with telling incidental details from the ordinary lives of extraordinary people. These captured moments form short photo stories about art and inspiration – they are snapshots of creativity at work.

Making Time

To create the series, Cat Garcia spent one day with a carefully curated selection of 60 artists, designers, photographers, restaurateurs, filmmakers, curators and other talents. Cat brought her camera into their homes and workspaces, accompanying them on their journeys and photographing them in the course of their day.The result is a series of quietly revealing portraits and fascinating still lifes from their environment (a model unicorn, a rainbow of paint pots, an antiquarian book…) that offer the viewer, for one stolen second, a flash of insight into the day-to-day stories of Britain’s creative generation.

Click here to see the article on The Telegraph

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