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A new camera in the offing

After using my trusted and well respected Sony A350 for over 5 years now I've decided to upgrade... I seem to remember the bundle kit with 2 lenses that I bought was close to £700/800, back in the day, but I've just seen on ebay that you can pick them up for as little as £50 :-|

Poor old A350, no one loves him anymore.

The reason for my upgrade is that when I'm shooting on the streets of London you're never guaranteed good light, (which adds to the mood and learning experience) but with people dashing around you can't rely upon having a slow shutter speed as things can become too blurry and soft.

If I have the ISO at the 800 mark rather than my chosen 400, then things start to become grainy and the quality drops.

So whilst I can't really justify buying a Canon 5D III, I'm going for a Canon 6D, which has outstanding, class leading low light quality with an eye watering ISO of upto 25,600 as standard. up to 102800 expanded (That's right over One hundred and two thousand!!! ).

A bit higher than my Dad's old Canon AE-1.

And to be able to justify/afford the new toy I'll probably sell one if not both of my Rolleiflex Planar 3.5F

As the price in recent months has gone through the roof, so why not capitalise on it, especially as I'm no Vivian Maier. More's the pity!

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